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November 2017 Custom Window Special

Starting November 1, we will be offering huge discounts on custom window designs. As a result of the wife and I redoing our windows before this winter, I will be mass producing window casings, sills, muntins, and sashes.

For this month my nephew will be joining as well to help learn to use the router table. So your custom window frame could be made by a hardworking 15 year old!  If you are interested in this detail contact Louis here.

Our portfolio offers custom trim options, variable pane thicknesses, and custom shapes, textures and finishes. For more details regarding the window construction and replacement options contact a window contractor so the measurements are precise to your home.

Custom Window – Hardware Options

Nesting Handles, Routered handles, etc.

Cam-Locks – Single action

Cam-Lock Finishes – Brass, Matte, Chestnut, Satin, Nickle, etc.

Custom Window – Wood Options

Wood colors and finishes can be found here.


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