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Welcome to Wooden Innovations

Custom Wooden Boxes

We at Wooden Innovations are proud to provide our customers with beautiful custom designed and custom-made wood boxes for a variety of purposes. Our boxes complement any home decor and will be passed down from generation to generation. We have provided detailed information about our most popular products. However, we also make hand gun boxes, cigar boxes, custom wood gift boxes, wood frames for windows, and do custom wood finishing

About Our Imported Wood

We use both imported and domestic wood to create our products. You can choose to have your custom wood box made from a single type of wood, or you can choose to use two or more woods with different colors and grains to create a unique design for your custom wood box. Among the imported woods we use are the better known woods such as mahogany, teak, and ebony.

Here is a selection of the lesser known imported woods from which you can choose:

  • Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba which is a harder wood than domestic cherry and a darker red color with an interesting grain.
  • Bubinga has an even, fine texture. It is reddish-brown with streaks, and resembles Rosewood.
  • Canarywood is a medium brown color with a definite grain and can have reds and yellows visible.
  • East Indian Rosewood varies from golden brown to dark purple/brown with dark brown streaks.
  • Ebiara or Red Zebrawood is golden to reddish-brown with dark stripes.
  • Iroko is medium brown, rot resistant, and can be used as a teak replacement.
  • Leopardwood is a darker brown with a lacy grain character similar to Australian Lacewood.
  • Lignum Vitae is very hard and has medium to dark green and brown shades.
  • Padauk is a bright orange that turns dark orange from sun exposure.
  • Paela is brown and orange with subdued grains.
  • Purpleheart is a purple, dense hardwood that darkens over time.
  • Sapele is a reddish-brown with a ribbon stripe pattern in the grain.
  • Spanish Cedar is a light brown with a fresh scent that is used for humidors.
  • Wenge is dark brown with a grayish coarse grain and a medium to hard density.
  • Yellowheart has a subtle grain, a medium density, and is a mustard yellow.
  • Zebrawood is a heavy hardwood with coarse texture and has dark and white stripes.

Contact us for a more extensive list of woods.

Jewelry and Treasure Boxes

Do you want a custom jewelry box to hold your best jewelry or to give as a gift? Contact us and let us know what you need for your jewelry and what look you would like for the exterior of your jewelry box. Then we can create a unique, custom jewelry box just for you

Treasure boxes are made to store valuable keepsakes. Keeping your treasures in a wood box protects them from rapid temperature and humidity changes, which accelerates aging and the deterioration and distortion of paper, leather, textiles, and other materials. Treasure boxes should be large enough to allow items to lie flat but should not allow items to slide around. Here are some tips for storing your keepsakes. Store photographs in polyvinyl, chloride-free polyester sleeves, wrap textiles in unbleached muslin, and make sure any other packing materials you use are acid-free. Custom treasure boxes are great for your own keepsakes or to give as gifts to new parents, newlyweds, or for any other special occasions. They can also be custom-made for military ribbons and medals or any other collections of honors and awards that commemorates someone’s life.

Recipe and Letter Boxes

Family recipes are special treasures and having a custom box just for them keeps those treasured recipes together as a collection. A custom-made recipe box filled with treasured family recipes is also a unique gift for weddings, Christmas, or any time.

Whether it is for you or a gift, custom letter boxes for old letters that have been passed down through the family or special letters written in the present or for posterity or for a grandchild when they grow up will help preserve those letters like treasure boxes. Just follow the treasure boxes storage tips

Photograph Boxes

Custom photograph boxes created and sized to hold family, special occasion, and vacation photographs will protect those special memories. Just read the treasure box storage tips to further protect your photographs.

Custom Window Frames

Want a special look for your window frame or need a special size window frame? Contact your local window replacement specialist and we can create the window frame you need.

Our Environmentally Friendly Domestic Wood Source

We work with a local tree service to reclaim trees that have fallen or that have been removed for some reason. We see that the from these trees is reclaimed and put to good use, saving forests one tree at a time.

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